Record High

by The Nuclears



released May 10, 2017

Released May 10, 2017 on King Pizza Records
Brian Dudolevitch- vocals, guitar
Mike Dudolevitch- guitar, vocals
Bobby "Atom" Sproles- bass guitar
Kevin Blatchford- drums
Kit Benz- keyboards, vocals

Recorded and mixed by Kit Benz, mastered by David Pattillo.

Album art for 'Record High' by Ingrid Opitz (@alwaysthisway on Instagram)




The Nuclears Brooklyn, New York

The Nuclears are a rock & roll band from Brooklyn, NY.


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Track Name: Record High
Sun setting on a red horizon
Sun's setting but the temperature's rising
On the block got the hydrant open
Tryin' to stay cool, having trouble coping

Hot night on the street outside
It's an all time number one record high
Soakin' wet with sweat, and feeling low
Hot night on the street outside
It's an all time number one
Record High

Booked a flight, the airline bumped me
One way out of JFK to Yukon country
Tryin' to keep cool with some ice cold swill
Livin' in fear of the ConEd bill
Track Name: Rekall
Am I a secret agent or just an average Joe?
Since I hit that clinic up I just don't seem to know
I've been dreaming of skies of blue on Mars and that's not all
(Rekall, Rekall)
I don't know what is true but I'm starting to recall

I'm looking for a lover baby who's sleazy and demure
Brunette, athletic, yeah I think you could be her
My wife's working for the agency, she'll kill without remorse
(Rekall, Rekall)
Two shots between the eyes, consider that divorce

Implanted simulation
Of a Martian dream vacation
Or just manipulation by Cohaagen's corporation
I don't know
I don't know
Track Name: One Day You Might
You know you're so lucky to be with her
She's looking for more than you can give her

And you try, and you try
But you just can't quite get it right
But you look into her eyes
You think that one day you might

You know you're so happy you're together
She's looking for more than you can get her

She said she'd always be there by you side
But you can't help feeling these fears that you hide

You're happy but you feel you don't deserve it
Keep trying 'cuz you know that she is worth it
Track Name: Eclipso II: Black Atom
Millenia ago
He came to overthrow
The pharaoh's power
Against all the odds
With strength from heathen Gods

Black Atom is coming
(He's come to seize the crown)
(And though you're safe for now)
(He's come to cast you down)

But it was not enough
Such power much corrupt
Can't be imprisoned
Can't be destroyed
Cast into the void

It's time now
To exact revenge
It's too late now
For you to repent
Oh yeah

He's journeyed long and far
Back from some distant star
Regimes will topple
And cities burn
Black Atom has returned, yeah
Track Name: Afterparty
Saw you tearin' up the dancefloor (Oh yeah)
I know a place where we can dance more
One more shot, you close out your tab
One more smoke, then you hail a cab
It don't feel right to call it a night

Are you coming to the afterparty?
Are you coming to the afterparty?
Saw you at the show, and I want to know
Yeah I gotta know, 'cuz we gotta go

Fifteen people piling in the van now (Oh yeah)
Keep it going- that's the only plan now
One more night where you'll see the dawn
Another party keep it goin' on
It don't feel right to call it a night

Yeah it's gonna be a real good time
Gonna get into the glitter and grime
Yeah babe I wanna make you mine

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